Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Night Gigs

Rob and I caught the 31 bus from Chalk Farm to Kilburn Park. April showers had begun to fall. We chatted about music and literature. After dropping off our gear at the venue, we went out for dinner at Woody's Grill. It was a hearty meal and cost less than a tenner per head.

Chris met us after dinner inside the venue. He had on him a lap steel and a couple of pedals. The night before, he and I had given the set a run through in my studio. Tonight would be the first time that Chris, Rob and I had ever played together. It was going to be fun!

The gig was attended by our friends and the other four bands. As Chris and Rob sat down on stage, I stepped up to play a couple of my own guitar pieces. We then launched into a set of new songs and two covers. I believe we worked well as a trio, and the audience response was complementary.

Rob's drums and Chris' lap steel got the public seal of approval. 

Picture taken by Maria at The Good Ship (02/04/16)

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