Saturday, 7 April 2018

Community Volunteering

The inter-generational mix we had last Thursday, at our open mic, was an incredible moment for me as a community volunteer. I believe free access to local libraries can be life changing for people: young, old or middling. The unique combination of grime, folk, pop, rock, classical and poetry that occurred was more than art; greater than music; far more significant than an open mic. It was a community of people engaging in a cultural exchange. This is exactly what we had envisioned when we originally discussed the plans for the event. Pictures or videos do not do justice to it. Come along to one of our open mic events and see for yourself what a difference giving folks a stage to perform on can make to a group of individuals.

For an entire decade, I performed for myself and for my own selfish reasons. This meant that I could create art from life: and I am grateful to everyone who supported; especially those attended gigs or purchased music. But what happened last Thursday has changed my entire perspective as a musician. Of course, I will continue to create songs, write poetry and compose instrumental music for a public. However, now I can see that my social, organizational and communication skills can be used for the power of good, I am further inclined to employ myself towards actions that benefit directly society.

I am grateful to all those people in my community who have steered onto this path: a winding road that I continue to tread with occasional side-tracks and mishaps.

Swiss Cottage: a Communal Space

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