Friday, 6 July 2018

9 Classical Pieces

Famous classical guitarist composers include Ferdinando Carulli, Fernando Sor and Francisco Terrega. All three guitar maestros published sheet music for amateur guitar students.

My Burguet Nogal being restrung.

Early music, usually translated to guitar from the lute, is also available to those with an interest in the music of the middle ages and the European Renaissance. Famous pieces from the British Isles include Greensleeves and Wilson’s Wilde.

Before Antonio Torres fathered the modern classical guitar, baroque guitar music was composed for the five-course guitar. Although guitar arrangements exist for the music of Antonio Vivaldi and J.S. Bach, the work of court guitarist Gasper Sanz retains its idiomatic appeal when played on the modern classical guitar.

In the twentieth century, Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia and his Australian-born student John Williams helped popularize the classical guitar. Several of their television performances are now available online.

The 9 classical guitar pieces I have recorded reflect this tradition. I hope you enjoy them.

01 Prelude in C
Bach was having fun when he wrote this piece for the well-tempered clavier. It
transposes well to the guitar because of its simplicity. I hope you like my imperfect version.

02 Prestissimo
'Prestissimo (2017) was one of the instrumental pieces from my Underpaintings album. As the title suggests, it is should be played fast and with gusto.'

03 Blue Blue Skies
'Another energetic piece, Blue Blue Skies (2015) evolved from a fifteen-minute sketch. Outside my studio, aeroplanes often fly pass through beautiful blue skies.'

04 Romance
'Romance remains the most popular classical guitar piece in the world. It has been
passed down from player to player over generations.'

05 12 Studies Medley
'12 Studies (2014) was a series of pieces I composed for guitar students. It explores
the entire fretboard in all twelve keys.'

06 The Enlightenment
'My latest piece The Enlightenment (2018) explores the conflicting relationship
between passion and reason. I hope you like it.'

07 Lady Macbeth
'Shakespeare has always been a key influence on my work. Lady Macbeth (2015)
was inspired by the BBC 1983 version.'

08 The Merchant of Venice
'The Merchant of Venice (2013) represents the two sides of Shakespeare's play:
the light comedy of the courtship scenes and the dark treatment of Shylock.'

09 Dad
'I wrote Dad (2009) for my father. He was an analogue circuit designer. He enjoyed
listening to Beethoven and Caruso.'

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