Thursday, 25 June 2020

Myopia and All Things Will Be Well

The voice of the artist must tell its truth. For all light and darkness comes from within; and the conflicts of the external world mirror those wrestled with internally. All an artist does is grapple with life, love and death.

When the moment comes to make again, with skill and knowledge, the artist learns to forget. Practice and forget. Study and forget. Remember and forget. Repeat. Forget.

Myopia (2019) album cover art by Gerreth Oddie

This is the myopic flash; short-lived and evaporating. Through considered brushstrokes, an impression is made.

Now the artist observes and steps back. What does it all mean? Life, love and death. Who will hear my call? This was made from nothing. Will it mean something to someone else?

Romance (anonymously accredited guitar piece) and Lines Written in Early Spring (poem by William Wordsworth) - performed by Dan Sandman
Wordsworth sits relaxed. He has time to reflect on human nature. The brushstrokes are commited to his subject. He applies technique, employs style, draws on knowledge of past masters. Now he becomes the poem. His brushstrokes are made for all to see.

There are 7 billion ways of seeing; there are as many ways of making. Sometimes there are no words or images. The instrumental piece leaves a space for listeners to think and to feel.

All Things Will Be Well by Dan Sandman
All Things Will Be Well (2020) album cover art by Dan Sandman

Instrumentalists have an awareness of how sound can be harnessed to make a particular point. A guitarist may choose a particular plectrum, work with just the fingers or use a combination of the two methods.

But all the skill and knowledge in the world is nothing unless the art tells its truth. The final artwork must have something true to say about life, love and death: a mirror in a bottle sent to cross historical, social and cultural boundaries.

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