Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Eight Weeks at the Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle has been a fantastic experience for me, especially improvising live with the gentleman from the house band. Indeed, almost every person I have been introduced to at the venue has been friendly and welcoming, helping to create a smooth and flowing night of live music entertainment.
Picture taken by Julian at the Dublin Castle.
Below is a list of dates and songs / pieces I performed live at the Dublin Castle over an eight week period. Where appropriate, I have added notes in square brackets to help define exactly what was played. Italics indicate that the song was performed as a cover version, the remainder are my own original songs / compositions / improvisations.
07/07/15 = The Merchant of Venice + Blues in A [improv.]
14/07/15 = Dad + Fat Bottomed Girls [by Queen]
21/07/15 = Andantino (by Ferdinando Carulli) + Big in Japan
28/07/15 = Study in C & Study in G + Colours  [by Donovan]
04/08/15 = Study in D + Acoustic (I love it)
11/08/15 = Times Are Hard + The Misogyny Blues in Bb [improv.]
18/08/15 = Table Mountain + Jazzy Musings in C [improv.]
18/08/15 = Study in B + The Free Birds and the Men [improv.]
My thanks must go to the house band, the sound engineers, bar staff and everyone who has made Tuesday nights feel extraordinary over these past two months.

Will be back soon.