Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Belsize Community Library Open Mic

It was the end of a warm spring afternoon and the sun was setting outside. I sat at my sound-desk, admiring the aged wood of the grade listed building. It would be a privilege to play on such an historic site and to support the library.

On the classical guitar, I played a brief selection of my own pieces. Notably, I had never performed on nylon strings in public before. I then did the sound engineering for several poets and musicians, introducing the acts as we went along. The room has perfect natural reverb and the volume was kept reasonably low.

The audience participated and clapped along to the music on a number of occasions. I came back on stage to sing a couple of cover songs and the evening concluded on time. All my gear was packed up by ten o' clock.

Original Poster for Belsize Community Library Open Mic
(now every Friday)

Dan Sandman supports Belsize Communtiy Library