Sunday, 25 November 2018

Fundraiser Winter Concert

Local donations and fundraising events are central to keeping a community library open. Many libraries are struggling to pay for essential services and facilities, without support from the local council authority or central government.

It costs thousands to upkeep a library building. Cleaning, heating, internet service, new books, staff costs, replacement furniture: all cost money and every small donation helps.

So far, we have raised over one-thousand pounds for the library from donations taken from the Belsize Open Mic, which now runs every second and fourth Friday of the month. This is a landmark achievement, but more funds need to be raised if the library is to continue to pay for building costs and improve its facilities.

Many volunteers give their time to staff Belsize Community Library; these unsung heroes work to create an inspirational and safe environment for all members of the community to enjoy.

At their best, libraries provide an inclusive learning space where people of all ages, and from all social backgrounds, can read, study, discover local events, surf the internet for free, and much more besides.

In support of the library, I am organizing a fundraiser winter concert. It is the culmination of lots of hard work from several parties and volunteers: two library managers from Belsize Community Library, staff from children’s charity The Winch, members of the Friends of Belsize Library, my musician friends Angharad and Dmitri, and of course my mother Carole.

It will be a family-friendly cultural Saturday evening of live entertainment, with an Italian theme and a few surprises along the way.

Please come on Saturday December 15th 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and show your support for our library, and please bring some cash along to donate this most worthy of good causes.