Saturday, 2 December 2017


I am certain that the music will speak for itself, but I will do my best to write up a few truths. Some of the material for Underpaintings (2017) had been whirling inside my head for a very long time indeed; some of it came to me last November.

Loss is a recurring theme on this tenth outing. In chronological order: it is new year 2011 and I am worrying about losing the people I love; a notepad mysteriously goes missing in summer 2016; that long coach trip home from Oxford last winter, where I sank my cold tears into an empty envelope; it is springtime and my mother brings news that an acquaintance has passed away.

These places in time, underpaintings of a wider canvas, composed in space and time, are where the music is drawn into a sketch. It can take years to go from there: from knowing that I have a place for everything, to knowing that everything has its place.